David Pearson

David works on coupling models of the atmosphere and the ocean for short-range weather forecasting.

Current Activities

David works in the Short Range Coupled Forecast Development team (Coupled Development). He is conducting research on coupling the NEMO ocean model (NEMO) to the atmosphere model (Weather forecasting models) so that each can respond more realistically to changes in the other. Since these two models are defined on different computational grids, there has to be interpolation between them. This interpolation is currently one of David's areas of work, with particular attention to the region around the UK (The UKV model).

Career Background

David joined the Data Assimilation Research and Development Team of the Met Office in April 2003. In September 2006 he transferred to the Climate, Chemistry and Ecosystems (now called Earth System and Mitigation Science (Earth System Science)) section. In April 2012, he transferred again to the newly formed Short Range Coupled Forecast Development team in the Ocean Forecasting Research and Development section.

Before joining the Met Office, David won a B.Sc. degree in Theoretical Physics from the University of York, then a Ph.D. degree in Plasma Physics from Imperial College, University of London. His post-doctoral work began at ESSC, University of Reading, on the simulation and measurement of the directional reflectance of vegetation. He followed this with theoretical and practical research on passive microwave remote sensing of soil moisture, in preparation for the MIRAS mission, which is now in orbit aboard the dedicated SMOS satellite.

Email: david.pearson@metoffice.gov.uk

Last updated: 1 December 2014

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