Dr Dirk Klugmann

Dirk is the manager of the Upper Air Sensing Team

Areas of expertise

  • Remote Sensing Methods
  • Remote Sensing Systems (Hardware and Data Acquisition / Digital Signal Processing)
  • Cloud Microphysics

Current activities

The core activity of Dirk Klugmann is managing and guiding the Research into Upper Air Capabilities (RUAC) performed by his team in cooperation with other teams in Observations R&D and other areas of the Met Office, and contributing to this research himself.

This core activity is complemented by a number of related activities aiming at developing new or enhanced methods for assessing atmospheric parameters (most prominently within the atmospheric boundary layer), and aiming at demonstrating the capabilities of new or enhanced instrumentation.

Dirk Klugmann also contributes to the Met Office's co-operation with academic institutions within the UK and to the Met Office's activities at the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO). He is a member of the WMO/CIMO Expert Team for New Technologies and Testbeds (ET-NTTB).

Career background

  • Masters in Physics (Thesis in Nuclear Solid State Physics - "Moessbaur Effect")
  • PhD in (Atmospherics) Physics (Radar Profilers - focus on clouds); visiting scientist at NOAA/ETL, Boulder, CO, USA
  • Post Doc position in Tropospheric Research (modelling cloud microphysics / processes and Radar Cloud Profiler)
  • Manager of a private company (Remote Sensing instruments and contact free industrial sensor systems)
  • Manager, Upper Air Sensing Team, Met Office.

External recognition

Recognition for Volcanic Ash Response as part of the Met Office's overall effort

Last updated: 8 April 2014