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John Fullwood

John provides weather and climate consultancy to a wide range of market sectors.

Areas of expertise

John's areas of expertise include:

  • Weather impacts analysis
  • Post-event analysis
  • Local climate studies - UK and World
  • Design climatology
  • Hydrometeorology
  • General meteorology

My Publications - Fullwood, J

Current activities

John is a prominent member of the Weather Consultancy team within Customer Applications. This team delivers a wide range of consultancy projects to all Met Office customer sectors including commercial, government and defence. Analytical skills are key to this work. John supplements these skills with a thorough knowledge of meteorology and climatology and of how weather data are measured, collected, quality controlled and stored. He therefore understands the impacts of these processes on data interpretation - vital for sound conclusions.

John is the Met Office advisor on world climates to the Ministry of Defence's Environmental Standards Committee and climatologist in a Met Office team investigating the potential climatological impacts of mining in West Africa.

Career background

Besides a lifetime fascination for meteorology, John has 35 years of experience in the application of meteorology, climatology and statistical analysis. Twenty of those years have been spent helping a wide range of market sectors gain economic or safety advantage from the judicious use of weather and climate information. During this work he has developed a rapport with a great diversity of clients, gaining a deep understanding of their needs.  Interspersed with these years, John has spent 14 years specialising in the trial and calibration of weather observing instrumentation and quality control of weather data.

John has accumulated particular experience in the climatological assessment of urban and mining development proposals, other climate studies for UK and overseas locations, building and construction climatology, hydrometeorology and weather sensitivity analysis. He assessed the development proposals for the Bluewater Shopping Centre complex in Kent and provided wind design advice for London's Millennium Wheel. Recent projects have included site suitability assessments for sporting events. 

John's work is respected for its scientific integrity and effectiveness of communication. Recently he received the following feedback from the design consultants for a prestigious industrial development in India: "Thanks again for your work on this report.  It is a good read, well written, and the amount of research and cross checking that went into constructing the wind speed set is very impressive and commendable."

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