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Jorge Bornemann

Jorge works to develop and monitor the Operational and UKV (1.5 Km) models

Areas of expertise

  • High resolution NWP
  • Operational NWP
  • Trials and evaluation of model changes

My Publications - Bornemann, J

Current activities

Jorge is responsible for the high resolution Met Office Numerical Weather Prediction models configuration of the Unified Model over the UK. At one end of the model development cycle he monitors the models' performance through objective verification, visual and statistical analysis and users feedback; liaising with other scientists in the development of model improvements and investigation of perceived problems. The other main task of Jorge lies at the other end of the cycle, trialling proposed upgrades with new science or solutions to existing problems, running integration tests together with other changes and evaluating the package before it goes into a parallel suit where it is tested in an operational-like environment prior to operational implementation.

Jorge also assists other scientists providing high resolution NWP data and helping set up convective scale experiments for research purposes.

Career background

Jorge has been working in the Mesoscale Models Development and Diagnostics group since he joined the Met Office in 2000. He studied Theoretical Physics at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (Spain) and completed a postgraduate course in Meteorology at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Instituto Nacional del Meteorologica.

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