Katie Lean

Katie's research is aimed at improving the use of microwave satellite data for Numerical Weather Prediction applications.

Areas of expertise:

  •     Assimilation of microwave sounding instruments
  •     Sea surface temperature retrieval

Current activities

Katie's work is primarily focused on improving the use of microwave satellite sounding data in the Met Office UM.
Katie is currently involved in developing the capability to assimilate data from the Chinese FengYun (FY) satellites at the Met Office. She is primarily working on the introduction of the microwave sounding and imaging instruments on FY-3A, FY-3B (launched in May 2008 and Nov 2010 respectively) and is preparing for arrival of FY-3C data (launched in Sept 2013). She will be assessing the data quality and collaborating with scientists at the China Meteorological Administration.
She is also involved in an assessment of the residual biases in the  AMSU-A instrument.

Career background

Katie joined the Met Office in October 2009 and initially worked on the validation and bias correction of sea surface temperature data sets for climate applications. She also contributed to the  ESA DUE GlobVapour project, processing temperature and water vapour retrievals from IASI. She then became involved in testing and implementing a new variable observation error model for  ATOVS instruments. This error model was successfully included within the Met Office operational NWP model in Jan 2013.
Before starting at the Met Office, Katie studied at Oxford University and gained a Masters degree in Physics. Her Masters project focused on identifying large aerosol events such as volcanic ash plumes and smoke from biomass burning in satellite images.

Last updated: 8 April 2014