Kelvyn Robertson

Kelvyn updates the MOGREPS forecast suite to implement scientific and technical improvements.

Areas of expertise

Kelvyn's areas of expertise include:

  • Managing changes to operational short-range Ensembles
  • Designing effective Ensemble Monitoring systems
  • Linux scripting

Current activities

Kelvyn is a senior scientific software engineer working on short-range ensemble forecasting. Kelvyn co-ordinates, tests and implements both scientific and technical changes that are recommended for inclusion in the operational global and regional ensemble systems. Changes often reflect scientific improvements recommended for the deterministic models, scientific changes specific to the ensembles, and technical changes that should lead to more efficient running of the ensemble suites. Occasionally more significant implementations such as resolution upgrades are required. Timely delivery of the end products is highly important, so designing effective Ensemble Monitoring systems to detect when problems occur and where they lie is a crucial part of Kelvyn's work. Kelvyn is always looking at ways to improve these systems to ensure that any problems are quickly rectified.

Career background

Kelvyn has a degree in Mathematics that he obtained whilst at the University of Reading and has been working on ensemble forecasting areas since 1989. Before working in this area, he gained useful experience working in the Middle Atmosphere group, and other Research and Development areas of the office. Some of Kelvyn's highlights, include running one of the first significantly sized "Poor man's Ensembles" (a collection of forecast data derived from meteorological centres around the world). The idea of "Poor man's Ensemble" has since been quite widely studied by other Meteorological centres. Before his current work in short range ensembles, Kelvyn designed and ran the Met Office's first regular twice daily 15 day ensemble. His work now concentrates on the shorter range global and regional ensembles.

Last updated: 10 April 2014