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Kirsty McBeath

Kirsty studies data from the FAAM (Facility for Airborne Atmospheric Measurements) BAe-146 research aircraft, comparing observations to data from the Met Office Unified Model.

Areas of expertise

  • Retrievals of liquid water path from airborne microwave radiometer data
  • Operation of the Counterflow Virtual Impactor
  • Analysis of radar rainfall data

Publications by Kirsty 

Current activities

Kirsty is currently working on the analysis of a cold-air outbreak off the North West coast of Scotland in January 2010, using operational rainfall radar data together with data from the FAAM BAe-146 research aircraft. These measurements were taken during the CONSTRAIN field campaign, a Met Office led experiment studying the evolution of ice in convective clouds in order to refine the parametrized representations of these processes in the unified model. By combining the large spatial coverage of the radar observations with a selection of in-situ measurements made by the aircraft, these data provide a good source for comparisons with high resolution cloud model simulations.

Kirsty is also assisting with the operation and development of the CVI, an inlet system that can separate cloud and precipitation particles from the ambient air in order to examine the properties of the aerosol on which they were formed.  

Career background

Prior to working at the Met Office Kirsty studied as an undergraduate at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow and gained a first class BSc(Hons) in Physics: having completed a 3 year degree and a project examining the measurement of silica nanoparticles grown in a sol-gel using fluorescence anisotropy.

Following the completion of her degree, Kirsty began work at the Met Office in 2009 as part of the Cloud Physics Research Group.

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