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Dr Martin McMillan

Martin works on convective scale model development. He is currently involved in setting up the data assimilation model for the Singapore SINGV project and works on research related to defence activities.

Areas of Expertise

  • Local area forecast model setup and development.
  • Generation of error covariances for use in local area models.

Current Activities

Martin's current work focuses on two main projects: SINGV and defence.


  • SINGV is a multi-year project with the Meteorological Service of Singapore to set up a high resolution forecast system for Singapore.
  • Involved with setting up the initial DA suite, model testing and implementation on the MSS computer system.  
  • Training and assisting MSS in the use of Met Office systems.


  • Working closely with the defence team to improve and understand radar propagation predictions in the tropics using data assimilation.
  • Work includes introducing custom observations into the local model, tuning a new version of the adaptive grid to pick up areas with strong refractivity gradients and introducing a diurnal sea surface temperature cycle into the model.

Career Background

Martin joined the Met Office in 2013 following a year working as an engineer at Parker Hannifin designing and testing high pressure piping and valves. Prior to this, Martin completed a PhD at the University of Bristol Department of Mechanical Engineering sponsored by TATA Steel looking at combining engineering design and statistical modelling with finite element analysis of large engineering components used in steel mills to help understand and prevent failures. Martin originally studied physics, also at the University of Bristol.

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