Rachel Furner

Shelf sea model developer, adapting and testing the NEMO (Nucleus for European Modelling of the Ocean) shelf model for use as a coastal model.

Current activities

Rachel's role is to assist in developing and testing the  NEMO ocean model for operational use as a coastal/shelf sea model.

Rachel's work for this project has involved coding a hybrid sigma-s vertical coordinate system, implementing changes to the way river runoff is handled by the model, and testing these changes. Rachel has also been involved in testing changes to the NEMO code that have been provided by partner organisations, and Rachel has looked into the use of temperature and salinity data from the Ferrybox project for use in validating the new model.

Rachel also provides a number of data feeds to other oceanographic operational and research centres.

Previously Rachel assisted in the validating of the new FOAM-NEMO model suite by providing animations from observations and runs of the old and new systems for visual comparisons.

As a foundation scientist an important part of Rachel's work is to develop her scientific knowledge and understanding through scientific reading and attending relevant conferences and training courses.

Career background

Rachel joined the ocean forecasting department of the Met Office in Spring 2008.

She previously studied for an undergraduate degree in Mathematics, focusing mainly on applied mathematics including fluid dynamics and numerical solutions to differential equations.

Last updated: 30 June 2014

About Rachel Furner

Rachel Furner

Rachel is a Shelf Sea model developer.

Rachels areas of expertise include Shelf Seas dynamical modelling.

Publications by Rachel

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