Dr Rachel Pelley

Rachel works on inversion modelling techniques and models the transport of pollutants using the Met Office's Numerical Atmospheric-dispersion Modelling Environment (NAME).

Areas of expertise

Rachel's areas of expertise include:

  • Inversion modelling using InTEM
  • Atmospheric dispersion modelling using NAME

Current activities

Rachel's work involves inversion modelling and the development of the Met Office's inversion modelling system, InTEM. Rachel is currently researching the use of inversion modelling with satellite retrievals to estimate NAME source parameters for volcanic ash.

Career background

Rachel has worked in the Atmospheric Dispersion Group since joining the Met Office in 2012.  Before joining the Met Office Rachel completed a PhD in Computational Fluid Dynamics at Swansea University.  Prior to this Rachel completed an MSc in the Mathematical and Numerical Modelling of the Atmosphere and Oceans at Reading University.  Rachel also holds a BSc in Mathematics from Cardiff University.

Last updated: 13 May 2014