Selena Georgiou

Selena is a radar research scientist. Her work involves developing methods to improve rainfall estimation using radar data.

Areas of expertise:

  • Ground based radar remote sensing.
  • Orographic enhancement modelling.
  • Interference detection in radar images.
  • Assessing radar site data quality.
  • Rain gauge quality control using radar data.

Current activities

The primary focus of Selena's work involves development of a system to derive the specific differential phase (KDP) dual polarisation parameter. KDP is the gradient of the difference between phase shift in the horizontal and vertical directions. It is expected that use of this parameter will lead to significant improvements in rainfall estimation using radar data.

Career background

Since joining the Met Office in 2008 she has worked on many interesting projects including:

  • Development of software to identify interference in radar imagery
  • Analysis and implementation of a dynamical method to apply rainfall enhancements over topography (orographic enhancements)
  • New radar site data quality assessments
  • Analysis of a method to assimilate weather radar data into NWP.
  • Research into gauge radar merging techniques
  • Development of software to quality control gauges using radar data
  • Investigation into clear air turbulence over Greenland (secondment)
  • Data quality assessments for radars upgraded to dual polarisation.

Selena has been a member of the Met Office Radar Products team since 2008 after completing an MSc in Remote Sensing and Image Processing at Edinburgh University. Her dissertation was based on determining the depth of supra-glacial lakes in Greenland by their remotely sensed reflectance. As an undergraduate, she completed an MPhys in Computational Physics.

Last updated: 8 April 2014