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Dr Simon A Thompson

Simon maintains and develops the Met Office medium-range ensemble suite.

Areas of expertise

  • Forecast system management
  • Ensemble verification

Current activities

Simon is a scientist working in ensemble forecasting and maintains the medium-range ensemble forecasting system, MOGREPS-15. Development work includes updating the version of the Unified Model used to provide the forecast, updating the science in line with other ensemble and deterministic forecasting systems, and providing data to produce forecast products. MOGREPS-15 provides data to the TIGGE (THORPEX Interactive Grand Global Ensemble) archive, part of the THORPEX project, a ten-year global collaboration project with the aim of improving short-to-medium range high-impact weather forecasts. Simon has been working to towards making MOGREPS-15 a fully supported operational system for the benefit of forecasters and customers.

Simon also maintains the verification system for MORGEPS-15 as well as verifying forecasts from the experimental multi-model ensemble system, and assessing changes made to the operational ensemble forecasts in a parallel environment. Simon maintains an interest in ensemble verification and has been involved in deciding how best to interpret metrics used to contrast ensemble forecast configurations as well as testing new verification methodology.

Career background

Simon joined the Met Office in 2004 after completing a PhD in Astrophysics at Keele University. Simon had previously completed a Mathematics and Astronomy undergraduate degree at the University of Hertfordshire in 1997.

At the Met Office, Simon worked initially on developing the area-based verification system with a particular focus on implementing a scale-based method for verifying precipitation forecasts. In 2006 Simon moved to ensemble forecasting and took over responsibility for the medium-range ensemble system.

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