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Collaboration Management

The Met Office collaborates with operational users around the world.

Facilitating effective collaboration to develop the Unified Model with scientists in the meteorological and university communities.

Collaboration with scientists at operational and academic centres around the World is central to the Met Office's strategy for developing the capability of the Unified Model. A comprehensive set of resources are available for licensed users, managed by the Unified Model Partnership team whose role is to facilitate effective and beneficial collaboration.

Key Aims

  • to develop a joint programme of research and development with scientists in the university and meteorological communities, beneficial to both the collaborators and the Met Office.
  • to establish, monitor and review joint research and development activities which deliver a measurable net benefit to the NWP and climate prediction capabilities of the Unified Model suite.
  • to facilitate the transfer of technology so that collaborators have up-to-date modelling systems with robust support systems in place.

Current Projects

Last updated: Apr 15, 2014 11:52 AM