Transport Weather Manager

The smart, responsive successor to OpenRoad

Transport Weather ManagerTM (TWM) is our new online weather management service. TWM provides accurate weather and operations management information within a responsive design system, so you can make informed treatment decisions to keep road networks open and safe.

We have worked closely with industry stakeholders to inform the design and development approach. We recognise the challenges that our road customers face and so together, we have developed a system that will aid decision-making and enable users to retain information for audit/legal purposes. With a refreshed visual display and easier access to key information, users will find TWM to be a valuable support tool.

Discover TWM

Our TWM brochure, to the right of this page, gives a guided tour of the product. Contact us using the form below to find out more.

Key benefits

Customer feedback has shown that TWM provides several key operational and management benefits including:

  • Minimising the effect of adverse weather - with Domain or Route Based Forecasts, and a choice of time steps and forecast lengths to help with operational planning.
  • Capturing information easily, in one place - capture forecast, observation and other user data to ensure that you are legally compliant.
  • Reducing exposure to risk - find efficiencies in your decision making with our Decision Support Service that gives recommended actions based on today's forecast and your treatment plan.
  • Effectively managing crew - the Operations Support System provides a seamless link between your approved treatment plan and crew management, enabling users to manage communications, reporting and route treatment issues efficiently.

Key features:

  • Flexible forecasts - with a choice of lengths and time steps.
  • Mobile-friendly design - use on a laptop in the office, or a mobile device roadside.
  • New private messaging service - stay informed and connected with key decision makers and other stakeholders.
  • Information capture - with Decision, and Operations Support Systems and access to an archive facility.
  • Accurate data use - consistent, trusted forecast data accessible to customers to help inform decisions.

Developed with user experience in mind, we have created TWM according to the UK Government's Digital Service Standard, which means that TWM is fully tested and designed to a high standard of quality and reliability.

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Email or call 0370 900 0100 for more information and a live demonstration from one of our team.

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Last updated: 1 October 2016

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