Independent gritting

Snow covered car park

We provide road surface forecasts to help independent gritting contractors service single or multiple sites

Road surface temperatures can be different to air temperatures. With this in mind, we can provide site specific, road surface forecasts to enable you to confidently identify the right time to grit your customer's premises.

Our forecasts

We offer two main types of road surface forecast:

  1. Site specific forecasts
    A high resolution forecast for a specific site that you maintain.
  2. Regional and national site forecasts
    Ideal if you manage multiple sites, or are planning to expand. We can provide regional and national forecasts scientifically allocated to postcode districts.

Key benefits

  • Accurate and reliable weather forecasts from a recognised and respected brand, instilling your customers with confidence
  • Information delivered in a format to suit you, whether that be email or CSV file
  • 24 hour forecasts for the nearest available site in one, three or six hourly segmented forecasts, identifying likely amount of snowfall, minimum road surface temperature, road state and readiness colour state
  • The option of a forecaster's summary for nights two to five covering a range of weather parameters, text summaries and outlook
  • The option of telephone consultancy direct to a forecaster

Why choose us

We have been a trusted provider to the road sector for over 20 years and work with gritting contractors of all sizes to provide accurate road forecasts.

We now offer an e-learning training course to help you understand basic weather concepts in relation to road operations. Gain a basic understanding of the importance of making informed decisions when considering roads, car parks and walkway surfaces. For more information visit the training course web page.

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Last updated: 2 September 2013

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