Forecasts and warnings to maintain safety levels

The impact of weather conditions on bridges can differ significantly to the rest of the road network.

With each bridge having its own weather thresholds, conditions need to be carefully monitored to ensure safety of those working and travelling on them.

Our solution

OpenBridge is our specialist bridge forecast. It considers the additional factors contributing to the impact of the weather - from wind at the height of the deck, to how the thermal properties of the deck surface and construction will affect the temperature.

You can receive a year-round forecast to help you manage speed restrictions or closures during high winds. OpenBridge also enables you to add further elements during the winter to inform your maintenance decisions.

Why choose our bridge forecasts?

OpenBridge can provide you with all the weather information you need to inform your decision making across a range of bridge operations throughout the year:

  • Choose from different weather elements including wind speed, wind direction, road state and road surface temperature.
  • Receive forecasts in a format that suits you, with a range of forecast periods (hourly, three hourly or six hourly).
  • Accurately identify when to treat the road surface, improving safety while conserving expensive non-corrosive de-icing solution.

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Last updated: 18 February 2014

Route Based Forecasting
Our industry leading RBF forecast system forms part of the OpenRoad portfolio and demonstrates considerable operational benefits including reduced expenditure and improved operational efficiency.
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