Route Based Forecasting

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Helping you reduce the impact of winter weather on your road network

Route Based Forecasting (RBF) is the latest road weather forecasting development designed to help you reduce expenditure and improve operational efficiency.

Why choose Route Based Forecasting?

Route Based Forecasting uses the latest scientific modelling to provide you with forecasts along the routes in your network enabling you to:

  • Reduce costs by treating surfaces selectively along a route
  • Identify problem areas within your network
  • Maximise operational efficiency

We can help customers improve efficiency, reduce costs to streamline winter maintenance activities and reduce the impact of cold weather on their road networks. Read an article published in the Highways Magazine discussing the benefits of taking a route based approach as opposed to a domain based approach. Route Based Forecasting article Highways Magazine article. (PDF, 42 kB)

Did you know?

We also offer a tailored consultancy service, Route Optimisation, which can further assist you in reducing your expenditure.

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Last updated: 1 July 2016

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