FAQs for Android app

Got a question about our weather app for Android? Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How do I view warnings?

At the top of the screen you will see the green Met Office warning icons. If there is a warning issued that covers the location you are looking at the colour and symbol will reflect the severity and type of warning in place - green reflects no warnings issued for your saved location. If there is a warning in force anywhere across the UK you will be able to tap on the icons banner to see the UK overview warnings map view. This will show you the areas affected. If there are no warnings issued across the UK, you will not be able to tap on the icons.

If you tap on the icons in a location that has a valid warning, the UK overview map will open. Tapping the detail icon will then zoom in on the region. You can change the region shown on the map by tapping the region button, which will display a list of regions that can be viewed.

How do warning notifications work?

The app can now receive notifications when a weather warning is issued by the Met Office. You will also get a notification to let you know if the Met Office cancels a warning. The notification functionality is OFF by default when first installing the app so will need to be turned on in the app settings area. In the enable notifications menu you will be able to specify which warning regions you wish to be notified about. Once you have selected a region or regions, if a warning for that region is issued by the Met Office it will appear in the notification area on your device. When opening a notification you will be taken to the UK overview map. Tapping the detail icon will then show the region you are being notified about.

Why are there no warnings displayed for international sites?

The Met Office only creates weather warnings for UK regions. Whilst other national Met Services may provide warnings for other countries no warnings are displayed in the app for any international locations shown.

What times are international sites displaying?

All international sites are shown in local time, meaning the times are adjusted to reflect the time zone of each location. This includes any changes in daylight saving.

How do I save my favourite locations?

Tap the + icon to add a location. You can have a maximum of 10 locations saved on your app. To reorder your locations tap the + icon then tap on the location, hold them on their right edge and drag them into a new position in the list. The weather for each location can be viewed in the overview, 5 day forecast and 3 hourly forecast by swiping.

What if I don't want my location services on?

The location services are driven by cellular, Wi-Fi, or GPS hardware to triangulate a location fix for the device. You have the option to turn this off in your device settings. If you turn location services off you will need to manually add locations to be able to see forecasts. If you keep location services on you will be able to see the forecast for your current location, as long as your device can find your location. You can see the forecasts for your favourite locations in the overview, 5 day forecast and 3 hourly forecast by swiping.

What is the weather on the first screen showing me?

'The 'landing' screen provides the forecast summary for the day (sunrise to sunset) or night (sunset to sunrise). This screen does not show the 'current' weather. During the day the highest temperature expected for your location is displayed. During the night the lowest temperature expected is displayed.

How do I view a more detailed breakdown of the weather for a particular day?

On the five day view, tap a day to view the three hourly forecast. You can also tap on the arrow to view more details for the day or three hour period you are interested in.

How do I view the text forecast?

To view the UK or regional text based forecast tap on the bar at the top of the map screen.

How do I change my settings?

You can change the units used to display the temperature and wind speed. Tap the 'info' icon and then 'settings' to make your preferences.

What is 'feels like temperature'?

Feels like temperature takes into account wind speed to give a more representative indication of how the temperature will feel.

What is probability of precipitation?

This provides you with the percentage chance of precipitation (rain/snow/drizzle etc.) during the given period.

How can I view more detail on the map view?

You can zoom in and scroll across the map to view more detailed regional information.

Not all of the information on your website is available on the app, why is that?

The app is designed to contain the content you might need while you are out and about, in a quick and easy to view format. If you require more detailed information you can still visit the main Met Office website for full details.

Where can I find a guide to using the apps and what the content means?

The app was designed to be as simple and easy to use as possible, but we have included some FAQs in the app to help. To view the FAQs, tap the menu icon or button on your phone and then tap on the info icon. This will give you some quick guides to navigation e.g. how to view more detailed information such as three hourly forecasts, and content.

Why is there advertising on the app?

Including advertising on the app, allows us to provide the app to you free of charge and helps to fund future developments. We have designed the app so that the advertising is as low profile as possible, putting the weather content first. The app now provides users with the ability to remove the advertisements using in-app purchasing.

How much does the app cost?

The Android app is free to download from Google Play Store. The Met Office does not charge you to use the app but you may be charged by your operator for the amount of data you use. You need to check the tariff you are on with your mobile operator. If you would like to remove the advertising from our app, this is now possible by making a one off payment of £1.99, this can be done by using the in-app purchasing option.

What is the refund policy for an in-app purchase?

We hope that you will be happy with your in-app purchase to remove advertising, however if you for some reason it isn't working we are happy to offer a refund. We do not provide refunds under any other circumstances. All refunds are restricted to the operator's standard terms and conditions.

Last updated: 20 March 2014