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Claims validation

UK flooding

The insurance, reinsurance and legal industries are hugely affected by weather

The Met Office can help with a wide range of insurance and legal related weather cases, and all of our reports and data can be used as evidence in a court of law. The Met Office offers a range of tools to help you make claims decisions more confidently and even support your legal cases.


ClaimCheck is a system that uses our cutting-edge modelling techniques to produce a database of recent weather observations for each postcode with unprecedented levels of local detail.

It has been designed to help you meet the high expectations of your customers by providing a vital tool to assess weather-related claims with greater ease, efficiency and confidence. As the impacts of severe weather are expected to increase as out climate changes, claimcheck is the ideal tool to help support your business.

Designed around an easy to use database, ClaimCheck only needs the postcode and date (and time if you have it) to provide all the relevant weather information needed to assess a claim.

Storm analysis

Storm analysis is used to analyse correlations between weather events and their effects on claims or operations.

Our standard report is compiled on a site specific basis from storm durations of up to 48hrs and features return period information.

Our detailed report contains rainfall analysis for every five minutes for a 24hr period, based on a combination of site specific radar data and nearest rain gauge and station data.

Euro Windstorm Event Response

Euro Windstorm Event ResponseThe Euro Windstorm Event Response product suite provides a comprehensive package of information around current European storm events. Probabilistic forecasts provide alerts of approaching storms when severe gust thresholds are exceeded. High spatial resolution forecast products then provide a rolling view of the unfolding storm event.

A comprehensive meteorological analysis of modelled wind gust data gives the best view of the storm passing through. Historical analogues are supplied for loss forecasting. An expert meteorologist's commentary completes the picture.

Euro Windstorm Event Response

Weather data to help validate claims

The Met Office offers a wide range of data to help you make claims decisions or support a legal case in court.

Standard ObservationsRadar Data ObservationsGeneral Monthly Summaries

Weather observations from up to 400 weather stations across the UK for 13 elements, including temperature, rainfall and wind speed/direction.

Data is available at hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or annual intervals.

Hourly radar rainfall totals and/or 5 minute instantaneous rainfall rate values can be provided for any UK postcode or national grid reference.

This provides daily information on a number of elements, including wind speed, rainfall and temperature, and will enable you to compare figures again the Monthly Long Term Averages (based on 30 years of data).

Observational data

Rainfall data

Specialist datasets

Forecast scripts, National Severe Weather Warnings and Lightning maps

We archive all of our forecasts and any warnings issued, and we are able to check whether any National and Severe Weather Warnings were in force immediately prior to or at the time of interest. We can provide you with our Public Weather Service regional scripts covering the area which your location of interest falls.

We also offer a range of lightning products that identify strikes for a given period and at different spatial resolutions. Our standard UK lightning strike map highlights strikes across the UK, whilst also providing a time and date for each. We offer resolution lightning maps up to 100km across the UK or you can have a lightning text list of all strikes for a given radius (usually 50km) around a specified location.

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Last updated: Apr 13, 2015 7:21 AM