Climate services case studies

Climate change projects successfully completed

Our capabilities allow us to support the UK, and the international community, in ways far beyond the weather forecasts that make us a household name. Our skill in turning weather and climate science into services is recognised around the world. As the World Meteorological Organization prepares to embark upon a Global Framework for Climate Services, we will share our knowledge and expertise with others. These case studies provide an insight into what we currently do and the services we can already provide. 

Last updated: 3 September 2013

Food insecurity and climate change
The Met Office Hadley Centre and the WFP are working together to use the best available science and food security information to help guide decision-making.

  • Services for the UK
    We provide detailed advice on the UK's changing climate

  • International
    We work closely with environmental agencies; emergency planners; crisis response experts and aid agencies.