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  1. Tools to help you develop contingency plans and negotiate realistic contracts We provide project managers and construction teams with trusted information to inform scheduling, design refinements and budgets for projects
  2. Post project solutions Construction projects involve expensive equipment and significant manpower. The longer a job takes, the higher the costs and the greater the potential for litigation.
  3. Civil engineers in the snow Industry-leading reports that accurately reflect onsite conditions

Manage the impact of weather on your construction projects with our tailored forecasting and reporting services

We have a comprehensive range of products and services specifically designed to help support each stage of your build, from project planning through to managing post project issues. Whatever stage you are at, our products will ensure you are able to minimise the impact of weather and concentrate on the build.

Why not watch the NEC / Met Office webinar about completing the weather measurement part of the ECC contract data. Learn about how weather measurements can be gathered and how best to use them for identifying when a compensation event has arisen. Did you know you can use weather information at tender stage and to inform your project planning? Learn how by watching this short video or reading our FAQs.

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