Core solutions

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Our core solutions include a broad range of forecast products and services, all designed to ensure your business functions and performs more efficiently.

Warning and hazard services

As the national provider of severe weather warnings for emergency responders, the public and government, we understand how damaging the impacts of extreme weather can be on people's lives and businesses. Our forecasting centre supplies warnings and hazard forecasts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, that are relied upon by organisations worldwide.

All our warnings and hazard forecasts can be delivered via email, fax, voicemail and SMS. This ensures the critical information gets to you wherever you are.

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Warnings can be issued when we forecast an elevated risk of bad weather which could negatively impact on your business.

Hazard forecasts can be sent to you via your chosen method as often as you require. This ensures you have all the information you need at your fingertips. You can also choose your own critical thresholds and we will use our forecast data to warn you of the risk of exceeding those thresholds.


The Met Office is a world-renowned forecasting service and the UK's official national forecaster. We employ highly trained meteorologists and use our 150 years' experience to provide specific forecasts to fit your needs.

Short-range forecasts

We offer forecasts for locations around the UK, Europe and the world from hours out to 15 days ahead to enable faster, safer and more profitable decision-making. They can be fully customised to meet your requirements.

We also offer forecasts specifically designed for the transport, energy, water, marine, aviation, financial services, engineering and construction, health and media sectors.

Monthly forecasts

When your business relies on decisions made weeks and months in advance, the weather can be a vital factor.

A sample of the mapsOur monthly outlook offers a UK forecast for 30 days ahead.

Deliverable by email, it contains:

  • text overview from our expert forecasters;
  • minimum and maximum temperature, heating degree day, rainfall, and sunshine information for up to 10 regions of the UK;
  • comparisons to 30-year long-term averages (1971-2000) and last year's equivalent;
  • information on the confidence in the forecast;
  • proven skill and accuracy.

Past weather data

We can provide past-weather data for specific locations across the UK, along with expert analysis services to ensure you make the most of the information available.

General Monthly Summaries

Weather and climate services

CCAM leaflet Provider catalogue Download our catalogue of weather and climate services (PDF, 234 kB)

The General Monthly Summary (GMS) is a record of weather data, giving daily values, means and averages for a range of weather elements, including the following.

  • Temperature, maximum and minimum
  • Rainfall
  • Wind, average and maximum gust
  • Sunshine
  • Significant weather - days when thunderstorms, hail, fog, snow and gales were reported

Weather Sensitivity Analysis

Weather Sensitivity Analysis (WSA) is a specialised service designed to uncover and quantify the precise relationship between the weather and your business performance. This comprehensive resource from the Met Office offers a valuable insight into how weather affects consumer behaviour and product/service demand.

More information on Weather sensitivity analysis

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Last updated: 25 April 2016

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