Historic weather data services

Our historic weather data can help you understand the correlation between weather and sales, providing an invaluable insight into consumer behaviour

Observation data

We can provide observation data from the network of observing sites we maintain across the UK. Data is available for a range of parameters and sites, covering a long period of time, and can be mapped to a retailer's stores, catchment areas or regions.

General monthly summary

Our general monthly summary provides daily values and long-term averages for a range of weather elements, including temperature, rain, wind, sunshine and significant weather such as snow.

Degree day data

Our degree day data provides daily, weekly, monthly and annual temperature data enabling you to determine the heating/cooling requirements of your premises, helping to increase efficiency and minimise costs.

Customer quote - Svetlana Bell, Business Insights, Cadburys:

"We use Met Office data to track temperature changes year on year, especially during summer months, and analyse the impact of hot and cold weather spells on sales of confectionery category and our brands."

Last updated: 20 December 2013