DemandMet™ - new forecasting service

Why choose DemandMet?

Through consultation with leading retailers we have developed DemandMet - a tailored weather forecasting service that can help improve product forecasting and, as a result, product availability.

Our service, based on world-leading weather forecasting capabilities, puts weather into the context of the industry and focuses on interpreting how it feels and evolves over time.

We offer a range of tailored weather forecast services to help retailers and manufacturers to:

  • Better forecast customer demand for specific product categories
  • Better forecast in-store footfall and online traffic
  • Maximise profits and increase efficiencies especially for key trading periods
  • Reduce waste of perishable goods and over-ordering of products
  • Ensure stock availability at a national, regional and store level
  • Increase customer satisfaction through better product availability

This will help you be prepared for the impact of weather on your business.

Impact of weather on retail

The DemandMet range includes:

  • National forecast
  • 14 day regional forecast
  • Executive summary
  • Forecaster advice
  • Weather warnings and alerts

For further information, contact the Retail team on or 01392 885680.

Last updated: 6 August 2015