Products and services for the finance industry to help plan and prepare for weather and climate risk more effectively.

From making sound investment decisions to setting the right premiums for insurance products, an in-depth knowledge of the past, present and future weather is essential across a range of financial services.

As world leaders in weather and climate services, we provide cutting-edge industry specific solutions that give our customers a clear advantage.

Insurance services

The insurance and reinsurance industries are hugely affected by the weather. The need for a fuller understanding of past and future extreme weather impacts is critical for your business.

The Met Office provides products and services specially designed for the insurance and reinsurance industry that can:

  • provide an independent view on how weather and climate risk factors could affect your business
  • help reduce claims leakage levels, manage risk and pricing more effectively
  • help plan your resourcing requirements

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Last updated: 7 March 2014