StormTracker Insurance and Capital Markets

A complete mapped picture of tropical storms around the globe to aid decision making

StormTracker helps evaluate risk and enables the comparison of past and present storms. Backed by science from the Met Office - one of the world's leading research institutions

Access to StormTracker

StormTracker is a web-based and provides access to:

  • latest tracks of current named storms
  • five-day forecast tracks for current tropical storms from the Met Office Unified Model
  • latest observed cloud cover (IR and visible satellite) and sea surface temperature
  • historical tracks of more than 150 years' worth of named storms which can be compared with current forecasts and storm tracks.

View the  StormTracker User Guide v13 StormTracker user guide (PDF, 983 kB)

New users - register for StormTracker following the instructions provided.

Once you have registered or have added StormTracker to your account, you can log in to StormTracker

Notes on the use of StormTracker

More information about StormTracker can be found in our Predict brochure:

StormTracker brochure Predict (PDF, 676 kB)

StormTracker is best used to provide general guidance on the possible ways a situation may develop and the relative likelihood of different outcomes. It should not be used on its own to formulate a single definitive decision based on one outcome occurring. If you would like to access expert advice from Met Office forecasters to help you, please contact us at

To understand the single most likely outcome for life and limb or operational decisions please refer to the official warnings and guidance

Last updated: 21 October 2014

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