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  1. Tailored weather forecasts that keep shelves stocked Tailored weather forecasting services that can help improve product forecasting and, as result, product availability for your customers
  2. Manage the impact of weather on your supply chain Tailored forecasts designed to enable you to easily and quickly digest the weather and understand how it evolves over time
  3. Forecaster consultancy We provide bespoke consultancy services which address business issues based around weather and climate


Weather impact on retail

The changeable UK weather can have a significant impact on retailer performance.

When the weather changes, retailers risk losing millions through low stock levels, empty shelves and disappointed customers. It can lead to unexpected fluctuations in store footfall and sales, shortages in availability, and impact on the costs and efficiencies of the whole supply chain - this is particularly true for fresh, chilled and seasonal products.

On-shelf product availability matters - if the UK food grocery sector had 100 per cent availability all the time it would be worth an additional £1.1 billion. Customer loyalty can also be improved - as customers that cannot buy their favourite product three times in succession are likely to change where they shop.

NEW!  Hazard forecast designed for logistics and health & safety operations

Now our new Hazard Forecast helps support logistics operations by ensuring safe and timely delivery of goods.

For further information, contact the Retail team on or 01392 885680. You can view our DemandMet product datasheet DemandMet product datasheet (PDF, 347 kB) or  find out more about the services we offer on the following pages:

Last updated: 26 October 2015

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Infographic outlining results from research into how weather impacts supply chains Infographic outlining results from research into how weather impacts supply chains