We offer a range of products and services which can assist retail businesses in their operations.

Weather is a known driving force behind consumer purchasing behaviour, affecting what people buy, when, where and how much. This can lead to unexpected variations in store footfall, web traffic and sales of specific products.

We have operated in the retail sector for many years and our weather forecasting capabilities can help your business at all stages of the retail supply chain; past, present and future.

Our services help retailers to;

  • Better forecast customer demand for specific product categories
  • Better forecast in-store footfall and online traffic
  • Maximise profits and increase efficiencies through timely demand forecasting
  • Reduce wastage of perishable goods and over ordering of products
  • Ensure stock availability at a regional and store level
  • Increase customer satisfaction through better product availability
  • Make informed merchandising, marketing and communications decisions

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Last updated: 20 December 2013