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Weather impact on retail

The changeable UK weather can have a significant impact on retailer and supplier performance.

If un-prepared for these changes, retailers can lose millions of pounds through low stock levels, empty shelves and disappointed customers. It can lead to unexpected fluctuations in store footfall and sales, shortages in availability, and impact on the costs and efficiencies of the whole supply chain.

Our commercial retail weather services have been developed through close consultation with the industry, to ensure that they are relevant and address key industry challenges. Our services offer significant benefits that you just won't get with free weather data.

Discover how we can help you meet your KPIs through the pages below.

Enquire about our services and you could win a free trial of our 14 day regional forecast!

Last updated: 19 September 2016

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How does weather impacts supply and demand at Darts Farm?
Michael Dart, Owner of Darts Farm, explains