Pirelli Tyres - case study

Increasing awareness of a specialised product

Winter tyres campaign


Pirelli wanted to increase the awareness of their specialised winter tyres with the aim of boosting sales in the UK.

Following the success of the Walkers Crisps campaign (also in collaboration with the Met Office) Pirelli wanted to offer some form of cash back incentive linked to the UK weather. The idea was to design a campaign in which Pirelli offered customers a win-win situation; if they fitted a set of winter tyres and it was a cold winter, they would benefit from the performance and safety aspects of tyres and if it was warmer, they could get some money back.


The Met Office was engaged at the design stage of the promotion to identify the weather elements that could form the basis of the campaign. Pirelli chose to work with us as they recognised the Met Office as the leader in weather data provision and a brand that the public know and trust.

Initially, we delivered a set of historical data for the period of the planned campaign for the previous fifteen years. This enabled Pirelli to define the specifics of the planned promotion while working with an underwriter to offset the potential risk.

Winter tyres perform best at temperatures below 7 °C so this was chosen as the benchmark that the campaign was built around. If the temperature was higher than 7 °C for 30 or more days during January and February (not necessarily on consecutive days) then Pirelli's customers would be entitled to money back.

We provided a daily delivery of UK average temperature to underpin the campaign. Using this data, Pirelli produced a graph on its website so that its customers could follow the temperatures and track the potential payout.


Pirelli had a huge increase in sales during the winter period and felt that the promotion was a success. The campaign raised awareness of the benefits of fitting winter tyres for the whole season, not only when it snows. Pirelli was very pleased with the service and relationship that developed with the Met Office. Pirelli is now considering similar campaigns in future.

Customer quote - Jenny Elm - Senior Trade & Consumer Marketing Analyst

"We found the Met Office to be very efficient and professional with their management of our project. Their planning before and the support during the project period ensured that everything ran smoothly."

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Last updated: 20 December 2013