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Weather reports, news and forecasts are an intrinsic feature of radio and television programming.

The Met Office, a leading provider of weather services for the UK's media industries, provides solutions for major broadcasters such as the BBC, ITV, STV and UTV. Weather reports, news and forecasts are an intrinsic feature of radio and television programming and a staple ingredient of the 'content mix' for digital media solutions.

To enable clients to meet the challenge of media convergence, the Met Office develops cross-platform weather solutions that work for your audience and your business.

Weather works for consumers

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The need for accurate, reliable and intelligible weather information has never been greater, whether on TV, online or by using a mobile handset.

On a daily basis, people want to know what the weather has in store, while their concern about climate change is fuelling interest and a desire to better understand what's happening to the weather.

Weather works for business

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Weather's importance to the audience is underlined by the consistent success of weather sponsorship on TV and online. Engaging, visually effective weather information can be profitably monetised through sponsorship and advertising, or used to enhance the customer experience.

The Met Office leads in delivering state-of-the-art solutions to brands and media businesses seeking to tap into the commercial potential of weather on their channel, website, mobile service or outdoor screen network. Our portfolio of services includes mobile apps and on-demand video forecasts using the very latest weather information direct from our studio.

Weather presenting

Weather presenter in front of a screen.

Weather presenting is a unique art - incorporating an understanding of meteorology with the ability to turn facts into a weather story that captivates the audience. The Met Office College offers broadcast courses for both new and experienced television and radio weather presenters. The courses provide you with the knowledge to deliver a credible weather bulletin, following a briefing from a qualified weather forecaster.

TV weather presenter training

Last updated: 3 June 2015

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