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Weather services for sport and leisure

We provide forecasts for Wimbledon

We supply weather services for sport and leisure activities and events as diverse as Wimbledon, golf championships, music festivals, motor racing, horse racing, football and Everest expeditions.

Every outdoor activity is vulnerable to vagaries of the British weather. Spectators, participants and organisers all need to know how much rain to expect and when it will finish, how hot or cold it will be or whether the wind will increase or decrease. As the UK's official weather forecaster we are an ideal position to help inform anyone involved in organising a sport or leisure activity or event, both during the planning stages and as it happens.

Contact us at to discuss how we can help you with your sporting activity or event.

Some of the services we already provide:

Golf courseOpen Golf

  • Golfers are hardy folk but even they can't play during a thunderstorm...

Weather forecasts for golf events 


  • Bad weather can have major effect on the championship, so organisers need to know when they might need to halt play...

Weather forecasts for tennis events 

Music festivals

  • Organisers of both T in the Park and Glastonbury use our forecast services during their festivals.

Horse racing

  • The safety of the grooms and horses is of paramount importance, so organisers need to know what to expect.
  • We supply telephone consultancy and bespoke forecast services to several UK racecourses such as Aintree, Newbury, Sandown Park and many more.

Motor racing

  • The Pro Drive World Rally Championship Team (Mini) use our visualised weather services and forecaster consultancy to help ensure the safety of their drivers and highest possible performance of their cars.


  •  We supply Manchester United football club with regular forecasts to help Grounds Keepers maintain their pitch to the highest playing standard throughout the season.

Last updated: Jan 28, 2016 12:25 PM