Wholesale data

As one of the world's leading global numerical weather prediction and climate modelling centres, we apply our scientific and operational expertise to produce accurate observational and forecast data both regionally and across a range of timescales.

Our data

Our deterministic Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) data is widely acknowledged as the most accurate, short-range, global model data produced by a National Meteorological Service (NMS). It is currently disseminated securely via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and is continuously supported.

Wholesale data
A guide to Met Office wholesale data services.

Partnership, prosperity and protection

Weather forecasting has transformed over the last three decades into a critical service, underpinning huge advances in science as well as satellite and supercomputing technology.

Whilst underpinning our capability as an expert forecaster, our model also creates huge data sets incorporating information from deep below the surface of the sea right up and into the global atmosphere.

Decisive data

The overall trend towards ever-greater accuracy at the Met Office is due to assimilating more and more new observational weather data into improved NWP models, supported by advances in supercomputer technology.

Our new £97 million supercomputer will soon be the largest and most powerful weather computer in the world, capable of performing 16 quadrillion calculations every second. It is this enhanced processing power that helps us make better use of our scientific knowledge, in turn giving the information needed for economic success across different geographic and service platforms.

Our data has a number of key strengths:

  • Our ability to assimilate huge amounts of observational data through pioneering data assimilation processes (Hybrid 4D Var & 3D Var). It is this approach that sustains the growing requirement for higher resolution forecasts and better deterministic and probabilistic forecasting.
  • Our Global partnership with operational and academic centres in different regions of the world, input their expertise to help develop the scientific and technical capability of the model.

Big data dissemination

Soon our operational forecast data will be more accessible than ever before, allowing the selection of a greater number of variables within our data even before viewing or downloading.

New API technology will also help you manage and greatly reduce the volume of data you need to ingest for your business or research activities.

We believe that these lower entry barriers to the weather market will help drive economic prosperity for a greater number of our customers.

Data support

Met Office is the UK's national weather service but our capabilities extend far beyond our own shores.

To back up our great science and data, we have an award-winning customer care team working around-the-clock, a dedicated account team and amazing experts all ready to give you their support.

We are also seeking to deliver increasing levels of data in more innovative ways and wish to engage with customers and users to help shape our future vision.

Contact us to discuss the opportunities available.

Last updated: 30 August 2016

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