Weather app for Windows Phone 8

Want to know whether today will be wet, dry, really windy, or what the chance of snow is tomorrow? The latest weather forecasts from the Met Office are available in the palm of your hand with our new weather app for Windows Phone 8.

Be weather aware with our Windows Phone 8 app

We launched our new WP8 weather app closely behind the launch of the Microsoft Windows Phone 8, the app is designed to make the most of this phones unique functionality.

The new Met Office Windows Phone 8 app is the latest addition to our range of products for smart phone users and provides easy access to the latest weather forecasts and warnings wherever you are, 24 hours a day.

Since it's launch it has garnered some very positive reviews with  Windows Phone Central saying:

"We're always pleased to see official apps hit the platform but even more so when those apps are truly useful. ... this [app] stands out for a few reasons. The Met Office is the UK's National Weather Service and is therefore the trusted supplier of weather information to everyone from the military or the man on the street".

In addition  All About Windows Phone said:

"The standout feature of the Met Office app is the quality of the data on offer.... it's hard to think of another weather app, for Windows Phone, that provides this amount of detail for those in the UK. ...Given that the Met Office app is a free download, we would strongly recommend that anyone living in the UK download it... There's a good chance that you'll make your friends living outside the UK rather jealous!"

Key features

  • Live tile reflecting the current weather for your saved location
  • Start screen includes day/night overview and weather symbol, temperature and feels like temperature for the next four days
  • You can save up to ten locations
  • Weather warnings - warnings bar, map and text
  • Augmented reality - uses the camera and compass to determine your nearest location to serve up the forecast for the next three hourly time slot on the camera image of the direction you are facing.
  • Toast when warning is in place (this is a WP8 feature, this appears when you first access the app to highlight that a warning is in place)

Available free of charge

The Met Office Windows Phone 8 weather app is available free of charge from the Windows Phone 8 app store.

The app gives you three hourly forecasts and five day weather predictions. In addition to the likelihood of rain or snow, sunshine, cloud coverage and temperature, it gives the 'feels-like' temperature - ideal if it's 10 °C but will actually feel like 3 °C accounting for the wind chill factor!

Accurate, easy to read and simple to use, the app also updates automatically so it's always displaying the latest forecast information (reflecting our hourly updates behind the scenes).

WP8 weather in augmented realityLive tiles and augmented reality

As well as access to local, up to date forecasts from the Met Office, the new weather app includes a number of features unique to Windows 8. These include 'live tiles' reflecting the current weather at your saved location and the use of 'augmented reality' to overlay forecast data on the camera image of where you are facing.

This is a new concept that we will be testing via this app and which could be further developed in the future to incorporate social media and additional time steps.

Snow, sunshine or cloud?

A mix of text and icons advise you of the percentage chance of rain, whether it's light drizzle, heavy rain or thundery showers; if it's partly cloudy, or if there'll be sunny intervals, sleet, fog, hail, or heavy snow; and even lets you know the sunrise and sunset times and if it will be a clear sky at night. For summer the UV forecast map is really useful and the index even advises on what sort of sun protection you need.

5,000 UK locations

There are approximately 5,000 UK locations available, so you can check out the local weather near you, get a forecast for where you are using geolocation, and save multiple favourite locations - perhaps family and friends or weekend haunts. Simply swipe the screen to change or add a location

Stay safe

The Windows Phone 8 app also gives you Met Office alerts of severe weather warnings in your neighbourhood, enabling you to see the area affected and view details, helping you to be weather aware so that you can prepare or plan for the impacts of severe weather.

The Windows 8 Toast (notification) feature also means that you will never miss a weather warning for your area.

Terms and conditions

The use of this service is subject to Met Office terms and conditions.

Last updated: 31 July 2015

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