Weather sensitivity analysis

Identify and react to weather trigger points. Weather Sensitivity Analysis (WSA) is a specialised service designed to uncover and quantify the precise relationship between the weather and your business performance. This comprehensive resource from the Met Office offers a valuable insight into how weather affects consumer behaviour and product/service demand.

How it works

Your historical sales and marketing data are gathered along with specific weather data provided by the Met Office. This collated information is analysed and a report produced that documents the effects of the weather on your industry and the correlation between sales performance and the specific weather activity.

Graph showing actual and forecast sales volumes

Proven results

One of our retail customers wanted to analyse the sales of hot meals and the impact of temperature levels. They discovered that hot meal sales declined by £70,000 a day each time the temperature rose by one degree over 20 °C.

Expert consultants work with you to ensure that the analysis is based on a real understanding of how weather affects your industry - and your customers' demands in particular. Analyses are based on the Met Office's vast, quality controlled database of global weather information - we can provide in-depth analyses of the relationships between weather elements and summer and winter demand. By combining a measurement of the relationship between weather and sales with a sound forecast of future weather, we can predict its impact on sales.

We have found that, in the majority of cases, the most important weather variable for explaining the sales history is not the first one considered by the client.


  • Understand the types of weather that have most impact on your business
  • Ensure availability of products and services to meet customer demand
  • Control costs and protect your infrastructure
  • Plan the timing of promotional activity
  • Effectively manage inventories and stock levels
  • Deploy staff and logistics effectively
  • Schedule maintenance work

A weather sensitivity analysis can be used in different organisation types across many different sectors.

Please contact our Customer Centre to find out how we would conduct a weather sensitivity analysis on your business.

Last updated: 7 April 2011

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