Aviation Meteorology Training CD-ROM

A good understanding of meteorology is vital for safe and enjoyable flying

A good understanding of meteorology is vital for safe and enjoyable flying, but for many pilots it proves the hardest subject in their aviation exams. The Met Office and Oxford Aviation Training have produced a CD-ROM that helps pilots master aviation meteorology.

The CD-ROM is an easy-to-use, comprehensive and interactive learning tool, suitable for students and qualified pilots at all levels of Joint Aviation Authority (JAA) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) professional exams.

Aim: To help students pass their exams and also to gain a real appreciation and understanding of aviation meteorology to help them make the most of their flying experiences.

The training is split into three topics:

  • meteorological theory;

  • interpretation of meteorological reports and forecasts;

  • guidance on how to access meteorological information on the web.

Each topic is broken down into easy-to-follow lessons, with self-assessment tests to provide immediate feedback to the student. The key benefit of this method of learning is that students can work at their own pace, whenever and wherever suits them best.

Price: The CD-ROM can be purchased for £65 (inc. VAT). Training school user licences are available for flying training organisations who wish to use this software in their teaching programmes.

CD-ROM front cover

For further details please email aviation@metoffice.gov.uk or buy online at Oxford Aviation Training.

Last updated: 12 April 2012