Training for renewable energy professionals

Designed to help you better understand and interpret meteorological information

Understand and interpret weather data for more informed decision making

The onshore and offshore wind industry is vulnerable to many different types of weather, the impact of which can prove very costly. We provide classroom-based courses specifically tailored for renewable energy professionals and three two-day courses will run this winter 2013/14.

We'll help you understand the mechanisms of the atmosphere and meteorological terminology. You'll also learn how to better interpret weather information so you can optimise operations and site safety on wind farms.

We are running a series of open, scheduled two day courses: 

  • Swindon (17-18 March 2014) 

The courses cover:

  • What drives our weather; fronts and air masses and their implication for wind demand and maintenance activities;
  • Advice on when hazards are likely to occur and the signals to watch out for;
  • Wind formation and what conditions will result in turbulence and gusts;
  • The effect of localised winds both onshore and offshore;
  • Tides and how waves form, plus the implications of wave height, swell and surge for sea state;
  • An overview of how we forecast the weather, its accuracy and future developments.

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Alternatively our range of renewable energy modules can be mixed and matched to meet specific requirements and delivered at your premises, for more information see the renewable energy training web page or email the college.

Last updated: 18 February 2014