Training for the Water Industry

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The operational and financial performance of the water industry is closely linked to weather and climate. This course will help staff better understand and interpret meteorological information to optimise operations and improve safety

This modular training includes a core module 'weather regimes and weather fronts' which give an overview of what drives our weather and major weather features; fronts and air masses, as well as Climate Change and its possible impacts on water resources and both planning and maintenance activities.

Course length: Half day (two modules), full day (four modules).

Location: Courses can be held at the Met Office College facilities in Exeter or at a location of your choice.

Aim: To help personnel in the water industry better understand and interpret meteorological information, so they can optimise operations and safety.

Modules Available:

  • Core module - weather regimes and weather fronts
  • Hazardous weather & interpretation of 'Category 2 Responder' weather information (double module)
  • Rainfall & weather radar 
  • Weather radar - specialists 
  • Interpretation of Met Office forecasts
  • Interpretation of 3-month outlook for contingency planners 
  • Water resources & weather impacts on water companies 
  • Climate Change (double module) 

Exercise activities will be included during the day to consolidate the topics covered. 

Certificates will be supplied upon completion of the course.

How to book: To book a place email your name, contact details and which course you would like to attend to


Last updated: 16 June 2014

Training for the water industry
In this video, we speak to Yorkshire Water, who took part in our water industry training course, to explore how it may help them.