Forecaster training

Our professional weather forecasting courses conform to the latest World Meteorological Organization training and education guidelines.

We offer training for both new and experienced forecasters, which:

  • is available to staff from other meteorological service providers;
  • includes the most up-to-date weather and climate science;
  • can be tailored to meet your needs;
  • is delivered by highly skilled ex-forecasters.

Our courses include:

Foundation Programme

The Foundation Forecasting Programme is designed for staff new to forecasting. It covers the synoptic meteorological knowledge and fundamental forecasting skills needed to forecast the weather.

Professional Development

Designed for forecasting staff who are able to work independently but need to further develop some of the core forecasting competencies or specialist forecasting skills.

The Met Office College provides a wide range of courses. To receive more information about training please register your details.

Last updated: 14 August 2012