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VAAC CSV files

Modelled Volcanic Ash Concentration forecasts are available from the links below.

Volcanic Ash Forecasts are only available from London VAAC for volcanoes erupting within the London VAAC area.


These CSV files provide the coordinates that define the official Volcanic Ash Advisory and Volcanic Ash Graphic areas identified as potentially containing volcanic ash. They are for convenience as a supplement to the official products, and whilst all care has been taken to ensure that the coordinate data contained in these CSV files is correct, the official Volcanic Ash Graphics and Volcanic Ash Advisories take precedence in all circumstances

Note, all CSV data is based on geographical coordinated datum WGS84, and assume projection onto Transverse Mercator with limits longitude: -77.5, 155.5 and latitude: 21, 81.5. Representation to other standards or different projections will result in deviations from the intended boundaries. Data is degrees, minutes and seconds.

Please refer to national NOTAMs for definitive boundaries of no-fly areas.

Ash Concentration CSV files

  Concentration (per cubic metre)
Height 200 micrograms
FL000-550 24/1300  (T + 0)
FL000-550 24/1900  (T + 6)
FL000-550 25/0100  (T + 12)
FL000-550 25/0700  (T + 18)


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