Flood services

With climate change expected to impact rainfall patterns in the UK, having accurate and timely weather information will be vital.

The Met Office can provide bespoke rainfall services and data that will ensure an accurate risk assessment of potential flooding every time.

We have a number of research consultants ready to work with you to find solutions to your business challenges. This can include catchment-level rainfall forecasts, which can be tailored to your needs to deliver detailed probabilistic rainfall forecasts and warnings, enabling you to understand the risks to your vulnerable urban catchments during any rainfall event. We offer a range of expertise and can develop weather and climate services which are designed specifically to meet your needs, improving your business performance.

Bespoke rainfall services

Rainfall radar

By using real-time and forecast rainfall data from our extensive rainfall radar network, you can enhance your operational management. Our radar fields give you the ability to monitor heavy rainfall over specific regions and our forecasts give you an additional awareness of events about to impact your business as well as enable better informed planning decisions.

Radar data is available in the following ways:


Radar data can provide you with a current picture of rainfall in your area. But, when there's heavy rain and surface water flooding, it's good to stay one step ahead knowing which area will be affected next. By taking advantage of our latest developments in nowcasting, you not only have detailed information about the current rainfall, you can also have a forecast out to six hours.

Storm analysis

A tailored report created for severe rainfall events using a range of weather parameters and timescales. The report contains observations in map and tabular form for a defined geographical area and is used by water managers to analyse rainfall events to meet regulatory DG5 targets.


Gridded data

Gridded data sets allow you to analyse the weather that has occurred over an area rather than from just an individual site. Data is provided for a range of parameters including rainfall, temperature and sunshine broken down monthly or even daily. All this is presented in an easy to use format and can form part of an integral part of any Flood Risk Assessment.

We can provide vast amounts of weather data to support your flood analysis from site-specific to gridded data. For more information contact water@metoffice.gov.uk

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Last updated: 6 May 2016

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