Innovation and climate change

With changing conditions predicted over the coming years the water industry will need to find innovative ways to face new challenges.

We are looking at innovative ideas to improve our services to the water industry. At the Met Office we believe that by working in partnership with you we can offer our expertise to help you find new ways to address these important issues.

We have a number of research consultants ready to work with you to find new and innovative solutions to your business challenges, such as increasing carbon reduction or improving water efficiency. Recently we launched the innovative weather intelligence models in partnership with Thames Water highlighting how you can use our expertise to add value. So whether it's for water or waste water we can develop weather and climate services designed specifically to meet your needs, helping you to continually improve your operations.

Climate services

We have climate consultancy expertise to help you make better informed strategic decisions about the impacts that climate change will have on the water industry. Our science is behind the UKCP09 projections which means the Met Office is ideally placed to provide detailed advice to maximise its potential. Our climate science consultants can guide you through the projections, ensuring they are properly used as well as adding to the projections in UKCP09 by generating information and solutions tailored to your exact needs.

Innovative products and services

At the Met Office we are always producing new products and services to support the water industry. We look for water companies to trial these new products and services to not only provide us with your valuable feedback but to help keep you one step ahead. Contact if you are interested in taking part.

Other innovative solutions

Renewable energy - to achieve carbon reduction targets more energy will need to come from renewable sources. The Met Office can help you when considering or developing a range of renewable energy options, including:

  • Virtual Met Mast™ - this is a site-specific, hub-height wind prediction tool and can be used as a fast and accurate site screening solution to reduce the cost of due diligence for smaller wind farm projects.
  • Solar energy - we can provide in-depth, regionally focused solar information.

OpenRoad- this is a weather forecasting package designed to help minimise the effects of weather on the roads. It can be produced for a single site ensuring you have greater confidence in decision making as well as a more cost-effective winter maintenance programme.

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Last updated: 13 May 2016

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