Leakage and water distribution

Efficiently manage pipe burst, leakage, demand, turbidity and seasonal night use with our range of models

We have now launched our first suite of water supply models, to assist water companies in managing water resource strategies and operations more proactively and efficiently.

About the models

The models provide detailed weather dependent leakage, demand, burst, seasonal night use and turbidity data.

Understanding the weather elements that impact upon each of these components enables accurate modelling and reporting.

What the service includes

With each of the models, we will work with your water company to input relevant historic weather and network data and calibrate the models for specific network characteristics, to ensure the model is running optimally. We then offer a 3 month trial to allow you to analyse the forecast against your own data before running the model operationally on a 12 month contract.

Weather intelligence model process Weather intelligence model process


  • Access to five operational and strategic weather intelligence models, enabling the weather component of leakage, burst, demand, turbidity and seasonal night use to be understood and addressed.
  • Opportunity to use these models with Met Office weather forecasts to make operational re sourcing decisions and cost savings in the business.
  • Ability to use the model outputs to manage risk across the water distribution network.
  • Perform day to day network monitoring, trend forecasting and analysis of actual and predicted future events - offering multiple benefits and cost savings across water resources' strategy and operations.

Case study: By assessing past weather data Thames Water has been able to track leakage, demand, pipe bursts and seasonal night use over the past year. In areas where there were high instances of leakage or pipe burst they targeted areas that experience supply problems and prioritised maintenance work. They can also optimise resources and improve planning and risk management.

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Last updated: 13 May 2016

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