Burst pipe

Helping you reduce the impact of burst pipes

Increases in pipe burst occurrence during cold-weather winter periods cause large fluctuations in workload and resources required in call centre and repair teams.

Understanding and modelling weather related pipe bursts enables prediction of likely burst numbers on a 15-day time scale, allowing optimal resource deployment.

About the model

We will work with your water company to input relevant weather data and calibrate the winter burst model for your company network characteristics, making use of historic weather and network data to ensure the model is running optimally.

The winter burst model will then be run together with 15-day weather forecast information to predict burst occurrences across the winter.

We will help you to ensure that this information can be assessed and used effectively by key staff within the business.

Key benefits

  • Integration of the burst model into contingency planning and emergency response, allows some of the worst impacts of winter weather to be modelled and quantified with mitigation activities planned
  • Resources in call centres, repair gangs and network technicians can be planned and deployed optimally in advance of cold weather impacts
  • Abstraction from groundwater resources can be increased to mitigate against predicted cold water burst events

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Last updated: 2 September 2013

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