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Helping you predict water demand

Summer water demand can vary by up to 10% depending on the weather.

About the demand model

Our summer water demand model can be used to help with long-term strategic and short term operational demand modelling, prediction and water resources management.

We will work with your water company to calibrate the summer demand model for your company region or individual resource zones.

Key benefits

  • Optimally manage service reservoir storage levels, providing efficiencies in energy use and security of supply during peak periods.
  • Maintenance activities can be scheduled with increased confidence, using 15 day demand forecasts,
  • Improved demand risk management through using the models to create a probabilistic risk profile of demand.
  • Accurately qualify how demand has been reduced due to TUBs (temporary use bans) in times of drought.
  • Many years of weather observations can be used to calculate a 'demand risk envelope' used for scenario planning every year.
  • Accurately calculate dry, normal and weighted year demand forecasts for revenue forecasting.

Discover how Affinity Water and United Utilities used our model to help them predict water demand

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Last updated: 20 April 2016

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