Leaking pipe

Helping you manage weather related leakage

With leakage accounting for up to 30% of total annual distribution input across the water company network, our leakage prediction model can help with assessing and predicting the influence of weather on winter leakage.

About the leakage model

Our leakage model can help you with assessing and predicting the influence of weather on winter leakage.

We will work with your water company to model the effects of winter weather on leakage. At an initial stage we will use historic weather and leakage data to calibrate the model for your water company region.

Key benefits

  • Close management of weather related leakage, on a week by week basis, throughout the year to allow constant monitoring and review of the leakage strategy
  • Understand and model weather related leakage can be used to build an informed strategy to meet leakage targets
  • Leakage control and reduction activities can be optimised in accordance with the predicted outcomes
  • Impacts of leakage reduction activities can be measured effectively
  • The return period of different levels of seasonal leakage can be calculated and appropriate expenditure determined based on risk

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Last updated: 20 April 2016

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