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Understand seasonal night use

Night usage of water is known to increase in summer, in accordance with hot and dry weather conditions and other relevant factors. However, separating additional summer night use from legitimate leakage can prove challenging.

About the seasonal night use model

The seasonal night use model allows seasonal usage increases to be robustly modelled and separated from leakage.

We will work with your water company to evaluate the Minimum Night Line across the summer period. The model will be run with historic weather and company information to generate historic seasonal night usage.

Model performance will then be optimised and the model will be run to provide outputs of seasonal night usage for this summer, allowing quantification of leakage at the end of the summer period.

Key Benefits

  • Seasonal night use can be confidently subtracted from the Minimum Night Lines to adjust leakage figures for regulatory reporting purposes
  • Leakage trends across different resource zones over the summer can be monitored with the weather signal removed
  • Leakage planners are able to use the seasonal night use model results to target detection resources effectively during the summer
  • Accurate assessments of true leakage early in the year, can benefit leakage targeting through the winter
  • Leakage figures can be more accurately reported at the end of the year

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Last updated: 2 September 2013

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