Frequent and accurate short-range rainfall forecasts

Protect your waste water network with our Nowcasting service which provides frequent and accurate short range rainfall forecasts.

How it works

Nowcasting maps the current weather and then estimates its speed and direction of movement, providing a forecast for a short period ahead.

Stay one step ahead

Obtain detailed information about current rainfall and also a forecast out to six hours. With nowcast updates issued every 15 minutes you stay regularly informed, helping you to better manager your operations.

State-of-the-art system

To keep you regularly informed about the likely path and progress of heavy rainfall our Short Term Ensemble Prediction System (STEPS) data is available across the UK at a 2 km resolution and developed in collaboration with the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.


  • Manage surface water flood events with confidence.
  • Analyse expected impacts of rainfall on your waste water network.
  • Assess your capability for real-time network modelling and management.
  • Prepare for heavy rain and surface water flooding with a detailed view of rainfall movement for the next few hours.

Find out more

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Last updated: 27 April 2012

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