Operations and asset management

We can provide assistance throughout all areas of operations and asset management in drinking water or waste water services.

The water industry is highly dependent on its physical assets to ensure there is an appropriate level of service to its customers.We have a number of research consultants ready to work with you to find solutions to your business challenges. Whether it's asset and service performance, strategic planning or the impact of weather and climate on operations our consultants are here to help. We can develop weather and climate services which are designed specifically to meet your needs, improving your business performance.

Forecast services

We provide a range of forecast services that ensure you are always one step ahead of the weather, helping you to make the right decisions at the right time to protect your assets and ensure smooth operations.

Site-specific forecasts

A detailed five-day forecast of weather elements for chosen sites within your region delivered up to four times a day. The detail and specific information that our forecasts provide allows you to optimise operational activity, protect assets and reduce unnecessary operational expenditure.


A 15-day probabilistic forecast showing details of the expected forecast plus possible higher and lower ranges. Meteograms provide an effective and comprehensive way of displaying the best weather information available by communicating to you our confidence in the forecast. Weather elements available are:

  • temperature
  • precipitation
  • wind speed
  • total cloud cover
  • sunshine duration.

Observations can also be included if available.

Monthly Outlook

An essential planning tool for all weather elements, out to 30 days ahead, and specific to your region. With weekly updates you can be confident that you possess the most timely and accurate forecasts available.

Forecaster discussion

Our expert forecasters are available to discuss your key areas of interest, allowing you to gain additional insight into all our forecasts.

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Last updated: 12 January 2015

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