Resource planning

As our climate changes, effective resource planning becomes increasingly important in the water industry.

At the Met Office we provide a number of solutions to assist with the management of resources from standard forecasts to bespoke consultancy.

We have a number of research consultants ready to work with you to find new and innovative solutions to your business challenges. We can show how weather and climate will impact on your organisation's resources and provide effective long-term solutions to help you plan for future events. We can develop weather and climate services which are designed specifically to meet your needs, improving your business performance.


MORECS, the Met Office Rainfall and Evaporation Calculation System, is the only nationwide service giving real-time assessments of rainfall, evaporation and soil moisture for water resource specialists. Having this information at your fingertips will allow you to make informed decisions helping you to manage resources. Information is provided on a daily or weekly basis on a 40km grid across the UK.

Analysis covers different soil, crops and topography. All variations are taken into account for more reliable results.

Examples of MORECS:

  • Design of more reliable river-flow models
  • Predict actual flows
  • Predict evaporation losses from open water surfaces
  • Enable more effective planning and assessment of drainage catchments
  • Model and understand risks of subsidence and droughts.

Monthly outlook

An essential planning tool for all weather elements, out to 30 days ahead, and specific to your region. The forecast presents a range of weather parameters in text format or as a combination of visual maps and tables. With weekly updates you can be confident that you possess the most timely and accurate forecasts available.

This enables you to:

  • Reduce costs through more effective scheduling of maintenance activities
  • Allocate staff resources efficiently
  • Tactically coordinate weather sensitive events. 

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Last updated: 13 May 2016

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