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Weather gadget for Mozilla Firefox

Gadget retirement

The Vista, Firefox and iGoogle gadgets have been retired. The datafeeds to the gadgets have been switched off. The gadgets have been replaced by the new Desktop Widget which is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X. Find out about:

Gadget retirement

Desktop widget

Screenshot showing sidebar and Met Office toggle icon Weather gadget for Mozilla Firefox The Firefox gadget is no longer available to download. Please uninstall the gadget.

Release notes

12 Apr 2012 All data feeds for the gadget have been switched off
Version 1.6 29 Mar 2011 Warnings removed, support for Firefox 4
Version 1.5 10 Nov 2009 Fixed hidden scrollbar issue on Mac OS
Version 1.4 15 Jun 2009 User interface update. Weather warning type and colour displayed
Version 1.3 09 Jun 2008 Provision of secure updates for Firefox 3.0 compatibility
Version 1.2 04 Dec 2007 Preference setting for Mac/Linux users enabled
Version 1.1 27 Nov 2007 Enable Firefox upgrades and fix warnings update frequency
Version 1.0 21 Nov 2007 Initial release

Uninstall the weather gadget

  • From the browser drop-down menu, select Tools and then Add-ons
  • Select Met Office Sidebar from your list of installed Add-ons
  • Select Uninstall
  • Confirm in the dialogue box if you wish to uninstall
  • The uninstall will take place when Firefox is restarted


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