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Weather gadget for Windows Vista

Gadget retirement

The Vista, Firefox and iGoogle gadgets have been retired. The datafeeds to the gadgets have been switched off. The gadgets have been replaced by the new Desktop Widget which is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X. Find out about:

Gadget retirement

Desktop widget

Uninstall the weather gadget

  • Clicking the close icon to the top right of the gadget removes the gadget from the sidebar without uninstalling
  • At the top of the Windows sidebar, open the Gadget Gallery by clicking on the + of the gadget bar
  • Right click on the Met Office weather gadget and select Uninstall

Screenshot showing sidebar and Met Office toggle icon

Download weather gadget for Windows Vista

The Vista gadget is no longer available to download. Please uninstall the gadget.

Release notes

12 Apr 2012 All data feeds for the gadget have been switched off
Version 2.4 29 Mar 2011 Warnings removed
Version 2.3 01 Jun 2010 Emley Moor observation site removed
Version 2.2 04 May 2010 Arran and Dalmally observation sites removed
Version 2.1 12 Jan 2010 London observation site removed (use Heathrow instead)
Version 2.0 27 May 2009 Gadget rebranded.
Aberdeen - Wick access problem fixed
Version 1.8 24 Apr 2009 Observation sites (St Mary's and St. Catherine's Point) fixed
Version 1.7 21 Apr 2009 Observation sites (fixed)
Version 1.6 23 Jun 2009 Caching problem and forecast formatting adjusted
Version 1.5 07 Jul 2009 Javascript bug fixed affecting "Extras" opening
Version 1.4 23 Jun 2008 Text forecast caching problem fixed. New image for warnings/advisories added. Pendennins Point and Walton-on-the-Naze observation sites removed
Version 1.3 09 Jan 2008 Correction made for Aberdeen Dyce location
Version 1.2 07 Jan 2008 Corrections for St. Catherine's Point and St. Mary's locations
Version 1.1 04 Dec 2007 Runtime errors for "extras" flyout corrected
Version 1.0 21 Nov 2007 Initial release


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